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    Key Features

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    Electronic Claims (1500/UB-04)

    Providers consider our portal to be the simplest and most powerful of any direct claim entry option in the industry. Likewise, we handle large batch files as easily as single hand-entered claims. Upload claims from your software in one of the many supported file types. (837P, 837I, 5010, 4010, CSV, XLS, XML, NSF & Print Image.)

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    Remittance (ERA)

    Download, print or view electronic payment details made easy. Download standard 835, spreadsheet and XML remittance data, or view/print PDF of payment details.

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    Real time eligibility for over payers accessible through our web portal and API.

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    Online Help

    Get personal support quickly with our integrated support tools. Open a "GetHelp" ticket from a claim, ERA or eligibility with a few simple clicks. Our U.S. based support team is here to help. Healthcare providers appreciate the prompt and accurate support they receive from Claim.MD.

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    Claim.MD Helps Healthcare Providers, Software Vendors and Insurance Carriers

    • Beautiful reports give easy access to dive directly down to the claim level detail.
    • No special software required. Create claims online with no additional software.
    • Upload claims from your current billing application and easily make additional corrections.
    • CMS-1500/UB04 style claims forms with realtime validation.
    • Fastest claim processing and submission times.
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      Awesome! Claim.MD continues to prove they are the best and I only wish I had known about you sooner!!" Thank you!
      - Jennifer J.

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      I feel that you will love their clearinghouse. It literally blew my socks off. It does so much more than our present clearinghouse and is priced a lot better.
      - Loretta G.

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      You guys rock! Your continued mission to provide comprehensive support at an affordable cost while still delivering BEST IN CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE is huge.
      -Jody T.

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      I just wanted to compliment Claim.MD, your software is great and your support team has always been very helpful and responsive.
      -Ben F.

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      I love Claim MD!! It's simply AWESOME!!! Thank you so so much for your service.
      - Diana

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      The personal and immediate attention CLAIM.MD provides is phenomenal.
      - Terri T.

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      You guys are wonderful; the system is the best, it is life-changing!
      -Kristi S.

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      I was overwhelmed by the capabilities of Claim.MD ... straightforward, easy to navigate, and very comprehensive.
      - Ginna S.

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