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Payer List

Payer Name Payer ID Type Services
Aetna Better Health of Virginia128VAmedicaid UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
Aetna Better Health of West Virginia128WV UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
Aetna Better Health Pennsylvania23228medicaid UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AETNA ENCOUNTERS99138commercial UB04More Info
Aetna Senior Supplemental Insurance (Aetna SSI)62118commercial ERAMore Info
Aetna TX Medicaid CHIP38692medicaid UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AF Specialty Assigned SoltionsJ2279workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Affiliated Foods, Inc.J1977workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Affiliated Partners IPAPOP09commercial 1500More Info
Affiliated Physicians GroupAPG01commercial 1500More Info
Affinity Essentials23334commercial UB04 1500More Info
Affinity Health Plan13334commercial UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
AFFINITY MEDICAL GROUP46594commercial UB04 1500More Info
Affinity Medicare Advantage13333commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Affordable Benefit Administrators Inc95426commercial UB04 1500More Info
AGA37280commercial UB04 1500More Info
Agency Services Inc64158commercial 1500More Info
AgeRight AdvantageARA01commercial UB04 1500More Info
Agewell New YorkAWNY6commercial UB04 1500More Info
AGIA Inc95241commercial UB04 1500More Info
AHP Provider NetworkMPM38commercial 1500More Info
AHPO Cleveland OH31138commercial UB04 1500More Info
AIG19402workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Air Liquide USA LLCJ1516workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Aither Health64884commercial UB04 1500More Info
AK MedicaidAKMCDmedicaid UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
AK Medicare Part B00831medicare 1500 ERA Eligibility AttachmentsMore Info
AK/OR/ID Medicare Part A02001medicare UB04 ERA Eligibility AttachmentsMore Info
AKM Medical GroupCAPMNcommercial 1500More Info
AL BCBS00510bcbs UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
AL MedicaidALMCDmedicaid UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
AL Medicare Part A10111medicare UB04 ERA Eligibility AttachmentsMore Info
AL Medicare Part B10112medicare 1500 ERA Eligibility AttachmentsMore Info
Alameda Alliance for Health95327commercial UB04 1500More Info
Alamitos IPAAIPAZcommercial 1500More Info
Alaska Childrens Services Inc91136commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alaska National InsuranceJ1577workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Albuquerque Public Schools (APS)85600commercial 1500 ERAMore Info
Alcoa Fasteners SystemsJ1244workerscomp 1500 ERAMore Info
Alex Lee, Inc.J2166workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
ALICARE13550commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AlieraALH01commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Aliera Healthcare - Trinity ClaimsTRIN1commercial 1500More Info
Align NetworksJ1716workerscomp UB04 1500More Info
Alignment HealthcareAHCA1 1500 ERAMore Info
Alivi HealthALIVI 1500More Info
All Savers Insurance Co81400commercial UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
Allcare AdvantageMRCHPcommercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allcare Health PlanMRIPAmedicaid UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AllCare PEBB26158commercial 1500More Info
Allegheny TechnologiesJ1245workerscomp 1500More Info
Allegian Choice55649commercial UB04 1500More Info
Allegiance Benefit Plan Manageme81040commercial UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
Allen CanningJ1740workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allergan W.C. Holding, INC.J2341workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
ALLIANCE - ALPHA CARE GOLDADSL1commercial UB04 1500More Info
Alliance Behavioral Health23071 UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alliance Coal Health Plan93658commercial UB04 1500More Info
Alliance HealthcareStones River 13079commercial 1500More Info
Alliant EnergyJ1619workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alliant Health Plans of Georgia58234commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AllianzJ1452workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allianz Insurance35300workerscomp UB04 1500More Info
Allied Benefit Systems37308commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allied Claims Administration, Inc.J1733workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allied Health Podiatry UHINSX157commercial 1500More Info
Allied Health Systems ChiropractSX156commercial 1500More Info
Allied Insurance CompaniesJ1550workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Allmerica Financial Benefits Insurance CompanyJ1589workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AllstateC1037workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AllWays Health Partners04293commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AlohaCareALOHAcommercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alpha Care Medical GroupSYMEDcommercial UB04 1500More Info
Alpha Care Medical Group NMMNMM04commercial UB04 1500More Info
Alpha DataTH085commercial 1500More Info
Alpha Health Plan Inc59335commercial 1500More Info
AlphaCare Medical GroupMPM32 UB04 1500More Info
Alta Bates Medical GroupA0701commercial UB04 1500More Info
Alternative Service Concepts (ASC)J2149workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alvey Systems (AON Risk)J1025workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Alvey Systems (AON Risk)J1248workerscomp UB04 1500More Info
AMA Insurance AgencyTH071commercial 1500More Info
Amalgamated Life PA Alicare13343commercial UB04 1500More Info
AmeraPlan38219commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
AmeriBen Solutions Inc75137commercial UB04 1500 ERA EligibilityMore Info
America First InsuranceJ1427workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
Americaid Community Care Marylan27517commercial UB04 1500More Info
Americaid Community Care New Jer27516commercial UB04 1500More Info
American Administrators dba Sele42137commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Administrators West Des42112commercial 1500More Info
American Airlines - DOI after 9/1/2014 ONLYJ2000workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Apparel, LLC (DOI after 7/14/16)J2189workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Behavioral63103commercial UB04 1500More Info
American Behavioral FEPITS63106commercial 1500More Info
American Benefit Plan Administra95170commercial UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Benefits Management Nor34187commercial 1500More Info
American Claims Management (ACM)/ Everest NationalJ1236workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Coin Merchandising, IncJ1026workerscomp UB04 1500 ERAMore Info
American Community Mutual Insura60305commercial 1500More Info
American CountryJ1249workerscomp 1500More Info

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