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Simplified File Formats

In addition to supporting standard X12 837P & 837I transactions, CLAIM.MD offers a variety of simplified data formats that can expedite your development time.

XML claim, status and remittance formats allow your developers to quickly generate claim data and download payment information. Using our simplified formats also means minimal changes are required as the X12 standards change from ANSI 5010 to future formats like 6020 or 7030.

Additional supported formats include Excel spreadsheets in CSV, XLS and XLSX. Print image text formats, we map one standard format so all providers gain instant access.

Instant 5010 compliance. CLAIM.MD automatically upconverts your files to the ANSI 5010 stanadards.

Online Enrollment API

Integrate Claim.MD's enrollment tools directly into your software. As most software vendors know, migrating providers to a new clearinghouse can be challenging with countless payer enrollment forms and processes. Claim.MD offers the only 100% online EDI enrollment process, leading the industry with easy pre-filled forms and online signatures. Now software vendors can integrate our enrollment tools directly into their application using our API.

API and Batch Integration

REST API for realtime transactions. Get immediate results of our claim validation rules. Realtime eligibility. Pull up to the moment claim status and ERA updates.

SFTP for easy batch implementation.

Fastest Payer Submission Times

CLAIM.MD sets the bar with the fastest claim submission times. Most payers will receive your data in 5 minutes or less.

Our proprietary backend payer system batches claims faster than any other clearinghouse, which means faster turn around for your providers.

Enhance your Features

Offer claim corrections through our online Claim Management portal. Augment your existing tools to cover new billing situations or direct your customers to our portal to manage their data after submission.

Add support for NDC codes, Labwork, DME, Ambulance, Chiropractic and more.

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