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  • Integrated Vendors

    These are some of the vendors that have a greater level of integration with Claim.MD, and information they've shared about themselves.

    ABA Matrix

    ABA Matrix is a dynamic platform for ABA agencies. With features like data collection, reporting, graphing, compliance alerts, billing, and payroll, ABA Matrix provides the efficiency and transparency needed to streamline processes, maximizing the growth of your practice, regardless of its size.

    Phone:(850) 391-4353


    BestNotes is a HIPAA compliant Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Health Record database system specifically designed for the behavioral health and substance abuse industry.


    Blueprint Solutions

    Blueprint Solutions provides leading, cloud-based audiology software for hearing healthcare professionals throughout the world. We continue to introduce industry-leading features that enhance your patient experience, maximize your efficiency, and increase your revenue. Blueprint OMS is backed by superior support and training - our most important goal is to help your clinic grow and thrive!

    Phone:(877) 686-8410


    Canvas is the first and only human-centered EMR, built to enable better clinical decisions, superior patient care, and achievable work-life balance.



    At CounselEAR, we believe that managing your clinic should be simple and stress free. Our innovative systems empower you to integrate your entire office workflow online. With CounselEAR, you can focus on your patients...we'll take care of the rest.


    EMR Bear

    EMR-Bear is a Web-based electronic health record service designed specifically by, and for, behavioral health organizations. Every feature and functionality built into EMR-Bear has been carefully designed to ensure the highest quality of data integrity and usability. Our goal is to not only uphold and support your standards of care through the use of our system, but to actually help elevate them. Our invitation to our clients is the opportunity to "Go better than paperless".



    Medical Billing and Scheduling software should be powerful yet intuitive, reduce frustration and eliminate errors. Your software company should be there to answer your questions. EZClaim has grown on these principles. EZClaim has been in the forefront of the medical billing software industry since 1997 specializing in medical billing and scheduling software and is based in Rochester, MI. EZClaim medical billing software is specifically tailored to benefit the single to multi-provider practice. If you are a billing professional, physician, or practice manager, our feature rich billing and scheduling software will meet the varied needs of your office.


    ICA Notes

    ICANotes is a software solution for behavioral health practices. Its key features include button-driven narrative charting capabilities, which enable clinicians to quickly create documentation. ICANotes clinical notes can be made quickly and are narrative in form and individualized for the patient. The notes are specific to mental health and contain thousands of pre-existing content generation buttons, which are arranged in clinically logical ways. ICANotes can also be customized to meet individual practice needs. The self-coding feature automatically determines the highest reimbursable E/M service code support by each generated note. ICANotes is cloud-based, and it is best suited for midsize to large behavioral health clinics.


    ICA Notes

    Jane is an all-in-one EHR and practice management platform designed to be customizable to your practice, no matter how or where you work. Available online and on any device, Jane offers branded online booking, flexible scheduling, integrated insurance billing, auto-send patient forms and surveys, free SMS & Email reminders, integrated payment processing, built-in telehealth, and more!

    Phone:+1 844-310-JANE (5263)



    MWTherapy is a true, all-in-one Physical Therapy Software platform and EMR serving outpatient practices of all sizes. With MWTherapy, you can do everything you need in one place with one log in and that includes billing. MWTherapy is beautiful, easy-to-use, modern, and 100% web-based - works on Windows®, Mac®, iPad®, and Surface®. And that's not to mention that there's a good chance that you're paying too much for your current PT EMR now, check us out and see if you can get our better PT EMR at a lower price.



    PIMSY is flexible, customizable and affordable EHR for mental health. Designed by and for behavioral health providers, PIMSY offers an enterprise-level Practice Management Software at a small system price. Choose from 3 different tiers of functionality, including features for inpatient, IOP, substance usage services, and much more. Request a customized demo to see how PIMSY can help you increase efficiency and save money.

    Phone:877-334-8512 ext 1

    Practice Pro

    Practice Pro is a leading developer of therapy practice management software that helps clients develop more efficient practices, engage effectively with patients and therapists, maximize billing and collections, and access unparalleled insight into their physical therapy practices. The company's cloud-based EMR and practice management system is a single platform solution offering scheduling, EMR, outcomes, billing and collections, referral management and much more. A product backed by more than 20 years of business and clinical expertise, Practice Pro is the trusted solution for practices looking to grow their business, improve outcomes and deliver exceptional patient experiences.



    ShrinkRapt is practice management software designed to meet the needs of mental health practitioners. The software and all your patient information is kept on your computer. In other words, it is not in "the cloud". You have complete control of the security of your software and patient information. You do not need to rely on the internet or a cloud based company to assure your patient information is kept securely.



    TherapyMate is Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management Software for Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Practice Management made Simple, Smart, Scalable, and Secure with easy to use Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Therapy Notes, Clearinghouse Billing, Client Portal, Telehealth Video Conferencing, Credit Card Processing, Income & Expense Tracking and Other Business Management Tools in a cloud hosted environment.



    TurboPT is the latest generation of our web-based EMR solution that simplifies your documentation and billing. Our goal is to make your workday more efficient.


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